PD: the Jane Fonda workouts for schools!


Here’s my philosophy. Most of the new PD is pretty good. Really, most of the PD from the past 20 years is pretty good. But, we’ve all seen great ideas and programs fail in various schools. Some things work great in one place, the same ideas fall apart in others. Why?

Well, I think the reason for success isn’t just based on the program. It’s more based on the fidelity of the staff and practitioners to the program. It’s like joining a gym or doing one of those workout at home videos. They probably all work, but none of them do anything if you don’t show up or turn on the video, and do the workout. Their success is directly related to the amount of effort one puts forth toward the program. They offer a way – but we provide the will.

The “brand”of PD; the presenter, the author, the product, the movement really isn’t as important as the commitment and fidelity of the teachers and administrators of the school! To reach our goals we have to stay dedicated, focus on follow through and the fundamentals to make it work for us.

The program doesn’t matter – but selecting a program that a school wants to sweat to for the next few years is critical! If it doesn’t have initial appeal and long term benefits – it’ll sit on the shelf like one of those old workout videos!

So, pick from the P90X or Insanity ( or even Jane Fonda’s workout). If we stick to it the changes that we want will come for our teachers, students, and school! Next – we’ll have to start shopping for new pants!


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