What if…

What if the common core state standards are the most rigorous standards that can be adopted by any state that will make a huge difference in education, for teachers and for students?

What if the states that have the biggest fight against the common core state standards are actually states that will lose the benefit of having textbook companies produce books specifically for them?

What if the very teachers that are fighting the tests and standards are also the last ones to adopt and evolve with all the new philosophies/practices in education?

What if the “badass teachers” are really just average teachers who don’t like change (no offense)?

What if real educational professionals who care about students and schools did their best to create the high standards which are being fought against?

What if this fight over the common core takes us back 30 years?

What if our national and economic future hangs in the balance of this single political event?

What if people just don’t want to see how the different schools and states perform when compared with others on a similar test/standard?

What if lack of accountability is single-handedly responsible for the stagnation of modern education?

What if the status quo that has gotten us nowhere in education is the very same rebel group fighting against the common core today?

What if it isn’t a big conspiracy with Bill Gates, testing companies, Obama, and federal vampires trying to destroy local education?

What is the best thing for our kids is for us to evolve with our kids?

What if the tests don’t actually make kids cry, but the way we approach the tests is the real problem?

What if our education system really needs a reboot?

What if what we are doing isn’t really working and we are just afraid to admit it?

What if we get rid of all of the new ideas and just go back to the old ways and keep doing what we’ve been doing?

That’s what I’m afraid of.


2 thoughts on “What if…

  1. You ask a lot of questions. Why don’t you include some replies, or are you waiting for your readers to do so, or are you just using rhetoric to make a point? If the latter, you leave a lot up to your reader to decide.

    1. I guess I was just thinking about all of the anti-ccss fears worries and flipped it around to say, what if all of these “new/evil” things were actually the best things ever? So I guess people could answer each question, add questions, or take it as an “optimistic” view of what we can do if we chose to move forward. I will say that I am willing to post different viewpoints, but I won’t post the “crazy” viewpoints. Keep it classy people (to the 3 people that actually look at this).

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