#NBTchat blog July 27th, 2014 …hmmm

No Box Thinking!  That’s what it is all about.  My goal tonight is to set your boxes on fire and expose you to “things that make you go …..hmmm”! Remember the song from 1990 here.  The title is the only reference here – the lyrics DO NOT fit the topic.  🙂

CCMuzkFktry-HmmRMXClean-4Pre-chat:  Favorite education analogies…  No rules, just a warm up session.

Think about:  the garden, art, science, factory, tabula rasa, weighing a pig, or even idle hands… If you don’t know one, ask about it.

Tonight, let’s REALLY get outside of the box and take a playful educational look at analogies and metaphor to view familiar ideas through a new lens!  You may have to fight off the urge to say, “This doesn’t fit!”, that’s the box talking.

The Basic Idea:  Think about how these sometimes silly mis-matches can actually “fit” and how the obvious matches may not “fit” every aspect – that’s where new ideas emerge!

More ways to make you go “hmmmm”:  Challenge – try out multiple analogies/metaphors for each question, OR find a difficult or impossible analogy and find a way to make it work, OR you could even stick with one analogy and try to use it for EVERY question – equally challenging.

Time for introductions, give your name, locale, and name a vehicle that best represents your teaching style…


Remember- these questions represent the “playground” for our discussion. Hopefully, our interactions will lead us to some great discoveries!

If learning is like “eating”… Are we feeding our kids junk food or a healthy diet? What kind of learning would cause them to become obese/diabetic?

We make _________ for _________.  What do we “make” and who for?

A good PLC meeting is like a ___________ (pick something mechanical). Explain.

Hope you enjoy the #nbtchat and if you want to learn more about using analogy/metaphors as a creative teaching strategy check out this blog post on Synectics.  Also, Marzano strategies involving categories and analogies are awesome too.


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