Which political party represents your education views?

I was tweeting with my usual weekend people and discussing the educational issues of teacher tenure, common core, union work, corporate role in education, Campbell Brown, Louis CK, and Diane Ravitch (among other things). As I was reading the mini-bio on twitter for different people I was struck that many partisan views are publicized by those engaged in the national educational debate. More importantly, often they agree on the same educational policies but are coming from opposite places in terms in political parties. We started discussing this question: Which political party best represents your vision for education? So I started thinking about all of the different levels/angles on educational debate and tries to attach them to political parties.

Here’s what I came up with:

“I guess I run democrat in terms of equity for all students and funding for schools. Libertarian in terms of student speech, teacher created curriculum, & republican for union/contract stuff.”

It is interesting to me that educational beliefs/platforms can bring so many people from such opposite sides of the political spectrum together. I guess that is a “bright side” perspective.

What other educational issues could we weigh in on?

Standardized tests: democrat
Like national regulations on a variety of things

Common Core: democrat
Like national regulations on a variety of things

Local curriculum: republican
Local control, little national interference

Student speech/expression: libertarian
Speech and expression has to be “open” for all views especially the ones we can’t stand to hear.

Religion in schools: democrat
Secular, must be fair. Allow different voices or no voices. Student led/initiated is always okay.

Discipline: ???
Consistent, monitored, equality across race/gender

Free/reduced lunch: democrat
Looking out for the little guy is governments job- can’t depend on donations/charity

Tenure: republican
Let the local school decide, hire and fire as a business. Don’t let govt get involved.

Unions: republican
Complicates the way of decision-making emphasizes workers needs over students, mission of school

Hiring teachers: republican
It’s a job, we hire employees/private contractors

Teacher as worker: republican
Private contractors, “at will” employees. Reward awesomeness.

Anyway – just thought about education in this way. I’m very curious what others think on terms of all of these “angles”.


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