Change is hard – put yourself in your teachers’ shoes

I am a big believer in change, vision, motivation, and old school – no frills – no excuses – hard work. Nothing glamorous about it. Set your goals, make the commitment every dang day, show up, and make it happen. Smile often but sometimes you have to grunt it out like everybody else.

Leaders Role:
As leaders we set the goal, raise the bar, and set the pace. It IS hard for many of our teachers – do not doubt that! They need support, cheerleading, specific assistance, and most importantly some accountability for “getting there”. – a daily check up/ motivator. So, let’s get personal, real personal – like you and me personal.

To me the hardest thing to do is exercise. I like being healthy and fitting in my clothes and eating pretty much what I want but I am an expert at procrastinating, avoiding, and making excuses. I can tell people – I’m getting older, my metabolism changed, it happens to everyone… but I know better. I am embarrassed about the way I look, the way I feel, and it even creeps into my mood. I used to be in pretty good shape but I just seem to have lost my “workout mojo”.

What about you? Do you meet your personal health goals? Do you jog, zumba, treadmill, walk, stretch, lift, hike, or swim on a daily basis. Do you meet your diet goals, drink your water, etc? Do you spend quality one with your husband, wife, kids, or family? My challenge to you AND ME is to pick a goal and stick to it. Every dang day – make it happen.

What do we need to “GET THERE”??
When you put it off, make excuses, or hit a set back – think about your teachers. Think about their struggle with change. How do you motivate yourself? How do you set goals and push yourself to always get better? How do you celebrate the micro-goals along the way? What attitude do you need to push onward?

What can we do for our teachers to help them?
So, take that analogy back to your teachers. Do they make excuses? Do they find ways to explain/justify not getting there? Do they have feeling tied up in their lack of change? What can you do to help them?

Your turn- learn from yourself
So, “walk the walk” – be the example. Pick a thing you know you should do and do your own little psychological/motivational experiment. I’ll admit that
I’ve been trying to get back into jogging. I am embarrassed to say that after two weeks I have finally ran a mile and a half without stopping to walk/catch my breath. A tiny goal. It’s been tough. I am good at excuses. My wife helps motivate me. I need help to “get there” – especially at first. When I take the little steps each day – it brightens my outlook on the bigger steps the next day. I’d love it if everyone in my school felt like that – including me.



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