Join us tonight at 7:00 CDT for #nbtchat! Here are the questions for 8-10-14

If you haven’t joined a chat before – here is a link to another blog post about how to participate in a chat!!


When the coolest cat is away (@jonathankegler) the mice will play. We are “being the brand” and making the chat happen in the absence of our fearless leader. We could do the #nbtchathack thing – but we are taking an “on with the show” philosophy. Nothing is sacred in #nbtchat land!

Topic: Don’t take your box back to school!

Q1: What is the best way to present beginning of the year PD in a “No box Thinking” kind of way?

Q2: On the first day of school what is your number one student-centered priority/goal? Is in “IN” the box or “OUT” of the box?

Q3: On the first day of school what is a management/teacher-centered priority/goal? Is it “IN” the box or “OUT” of the box?

Q4: What techniques do you use to “make friends fast” and get positive climate started? Is it “IN” the box or “OUT” of the box?

Q5: React to “Start out like you can Hold Out” in terms of classroom management and routine development. How can one “start out…like one can hold out?”

Q6: “Don’t smile until Christmas break” is a popular “in the box” adage. In what ways is this true/untrue for your early interactions with students. Answer both sides if possible.

Q7: Prior to the first day or during he first week, how do you personally engage parents? Any out of the box ideas?

Q8: If the first day of school is like joining a fraternity/sorority – what would be the equivalent of induction rituals in your class? This is a “hazing” neutral question.

At the end of each #nbtchat we like to do a pledge….

Pledge: How will you make the first days in your classroom be “outside the box”?

In the spirit of “No Box Thinking” I might even use @Voxer to post my answers. We can call it outside the Vox thinking!


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