#superfriends GHO topics/Format 8-16 7AM CDT

Different format this week! Goal is to try to include many different viewpoints but to also have “to the point” responses so everyone gets a turn.

I will moderate and we will do quick introductions. After that, I will explain the premise of “rocks/sucks”. I will pick someone at random and ask the to select from a list of topics – they give a quick summary so we know what they are talking about. Then we all give thumbs up or down for “rocks and sucks”. After that we will do a round robin and explain our reasoning.

Standardized testing
Value Added measure- merit pay
homework – worksheets
Grade levels
Common Core
Prep Time
lunch duty
Social media in the classroom
IT coordinators
Technology integration
Data-Driven-Decision-Making (or Decision-Driven Data Collection)

I am leaving all of these topics “on the table” but I realize some of them are hot button/high stress issues. I have also invited different viewpoints so we have a more interesting discussion. Keep it friendly an respectful – we are all educators.

See you bright and early.

If you want to “observe” the session – we will be tweeting a link on the #superfriends hashtag. It will also be saved to YouTube.


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