CoTeaching GHO 10/11/14 8AM CDT

Instructions for the GHO:
We do a Google hang out or GHO every week. It starts at 8 am central on Saturday. David Garcia facilitates and moderates the GHO and he is the one who you need to email to “get in” to the live feed (email him here -> David is the tech guy and he will help you out – even run a test GHO for you. You also have to have a GooglePlus account (free). As I understand it, it is different or an upgrade to the typical Google user account.
Our GHO is a casual format but we use WebCams-kind of like group Skype. Nothing too serious. It can be done on a laptop, iPad, iPhone. Pretty open options.

The CoTeaching Questions:
Here are the questions that could drive our discussion.

1) Each explain our experience with Co-Teaching

2) Overview/definition of CoTeaching – why is it useful/effective for kids?

3) Preferred arrangements/common co-teach types – what do you use most?

4) Planning needs/management of planning time?

5) How is daily work modified for SpEd kids

6) Ownership of modifications/sped issues, grades

7) How are teachers evaluation (individuals or a team)?

We may veer off subject if the conversation goes that way!

If you are interested in joining – get in touch with David Garcia (email above).


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