Chromebooks and Differentiation

I was reading this article ( about using computers to differentiate for different learners in a classroom.  I have been using strategies 1 and 2 on my own in class.  I have leveled reading that students use in my class.  I also use the multimedia slide show to help the digest and summarize content and put their own spin on it.  I would like to try more higher level activities like the “publish!” idea presented in the article.  I just need to find an authentic reason to launch a blog or something that is easy for students to use.  I’d love to collaborate with students in another school.

The best way to use the chromebooks for differentiation is to layer lessons/assignments so that my fast movers and time takers can both be served.  I have produced layered assignments so that when students complete the activity they can move on to something more challenging.  At the same time, good fundamentals in the core assignment make it truly worthwhile to “stay with” for my lower level students.   My role is to set up the activity and roam and give feedback to each student as they work through the assignment that best fits them.  Although this is more of a linear approach instead of true differentiation.


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